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She'll be drumming round the mountain when she comes....

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Today I went to an amazing workshop run in aid of the above.

The lovely Helen let us share her fabulous garden and we really did have a wonderful treat in store.

Having been advised to bring a mat and sleeping bag (got my attention right away) I rocked up at the venue where an open marque had been erected. Welcomes over with we got right down to action (well, no action on my behalf but Pauline McCrann certainly worked hard.

Sound Relaxation is totally like nothing I have ever experienced, the noises emanating from these glorious metal objects was other-worldly. There were other sounds, Tibetan Bowls, chimes, something that sounded like a Mbira, a drum filled with seeds that sounded like waves on the shore - I am guessing that these are what were used; I had my eyes shut and felt like I had floated out of the marque.

When we were 'brought back' it really did take a while to ground myself - what an experience!!

Next onto Frame Drumming (a sense of rhythm would be an advantage but everyone was too nice to point that out to me)

With top hits from Sioux Tribes, Geoff got us all going - after the initial reticence with performing (badly) in public, everyone was 'banging their drum'. Back to the sleeping bags and we were treated to a guided meditation to meet our guide/s and spirit animal/s - I had the bonus of a tiger, a crow and a unicorn????

We went to a place underground (of our own choosing) and met aforementioned creatures, then all too soon we were called back to our earthly realm and back to reality.....I was not a willing participator - I would have liked to stay in my 'other world' for a very long time.

Some drumming to ground us and the day was over, far, far too soon.

Have a gong bath - you won't regret it.

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