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Bell Ringers on Tour !

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

What a great looking group!!

This October saw Pewsey/Milton Bell Ringers visit the lovely Isle of Wight for a tour of four churches.

The first church was Freshwater All Saints,_Freshwater

a smashing little church. We were lucky to have a few of their ringers join in, one being in his 90's - obviously bell ringing keeps you going!!

A quick cup of coffee in The Red Lion

and we were ready for the next challenge:

Godshill All Saints,_Godshill

the loveliest bells I have rung (not that I have rung that many) these bells made you feel like a real ringer as they did exactly what you wanted them to!

lunchtime at The Taverners

then a little pit-stop to The Cider Barn

to stock up on local cider and Mermaid Gin (naturally)

Shanklin St Saviour-on-the-Cliff next.,_Shanklin

more like a small cathedral than a church! We were met by the marvellous Tower Captain - I'm so sorry, I don't remember his name - but thank goodness he was there, the church has 8 bells and we have only practised on 6 so us newbies needed his advice as to where on earth we were in the order of play and who was to ring next - so thank you!

Then, after getting lost....again... (me, not everyone else, my satnav has a mind of its own) we were off to

Niton St John the Baptist,_Niton

by now it was raining and cold and we were tired but the church was warm and we soon got to work - tiny ringing chamber in which we had to be careful not to pull each other's ropes - we are used to having a bigger area and we had to concentrate.

soooooo an exhausting but fun day was rounded off at The Waterfront

where we had the most amazing meal (they have a fantastic vegan menu.....which includes a chocolate pudding, not the usual cop-out of sorbet which most places offer...and it was DELICIOUS)

Next tour???? We are open to suggestions!

a huge thank you to Anne Wardell for organising everything - as frankly we probably could only organise a @+*! in a brewery!

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